Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mega pack of 100 Recipe eBooks

Here is one of the best collections of recipes eBooks ever! 100 Different recipes on all kinds of subjects such as Mexican and Chinese cook books, salads, vegetarian food, nearly any topic you can imagine there will be an eBook for it, with a big collection of tasty recipes on that subject, well for the cost which is only 6.99 for all 100 cooking eBooks.

Mega pack of 100 Recipe eBooks 

300 Recipes for the grill or BBQ

Here is one of the biggest collection of recipes for the grill ever, 300 different tasty BBQ and grill recipes to try out, make your next BBQ sizzle with awesome new food!

300 Recipes for the BBQ or grill 

150 Venision Recipes

This eBook is all about cooking venison style, over 150 different venison recipes to try out, along with instructions on how to cook them!

150 Venison recipes 

120 Recipes for jam

If you ever wanted to make your own jams then here is your chance! This eBook has 120 fantastic recipes for jam and explains how to make them, become a real expert at making your own jams at home.

120 Recipes for jam 

100 different recipes for jerky

Ever tried beef jerky? That aint' nothing! This recipes eBook contains 100 different recipes including chili jerky, chinese jerky, deer jerky and even jerky stew!

100 Recipes for jerky 

101 Camping and outdoors recipes

This great eBook with recipes has 101 different recipes for cooking outdoors or while camping - On your next camping trip you can create some of the best food imaginable all while enjoying the outdoors! 

111 Different ways to cook an egg

This eBook contains 111 different ways to cook eggs - Never again will you look at the humble egg again with this huge collection of every egg recipe you would ever imagine, and then a few more too!